Last Minute Funding Review Today | 4:30pm

If you are signed up for alerts regarding the city’s Cultural Arts Commission,  you probably received the following e-mail at 9:57 this morning,  “A meeting has been scheduled for 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 30 in the City Commission room at City Hall, 6 East 6th Street, for a special meeting of Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission to review the 2017-18 National Endowment for the Arts “Our Town” grant application.”

However, the email alert containing the grant application was not sent until 2:07pm and does not seem to be readily available on the city’s LCAC landing page.   For the sake of wider information dissemination and transparency, here is the link to the Lawrence Art Center’s grant application for 2017-18 Free State Festival, which includes requested additional funding and support from the City of Lawrence.