Follow the Money

Linked here is the Lawrence Arts Center’s ArtPlace grant application, (the one that was made available to the public) which has redactions on the last two pages.

Below are those last two pages without the redactions, revealing individual and corporate contributions and in-kind support for the project.

[stay tuned for further documents and information]
17. Describe each budget line item briefly. Please list sources of revenue when known. (Please use bullet “-“ format.) *

Individual Contributions: Debbie and Rocco Landesman, $25,000.
Corporate Contributions: -Tony Krsnich/Landmark Development, $75,000 -First Management/Construction, $50,000
Foundation Grants: – Douglas County Community Foundation, $50,000 (Beth Harrison) – Sprint Foundation, $15,000
Local Government Support: -The City of Lawrence, $3,134,700.
In-kind: -Studio Space from Landmark Development, $54,000 -The University of Kansas, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, $20,000: -Lawrence Arts Center, $13,500: Percentage of CEO salary. -Callahan Creek, $50,000: Marketing for Cultural District.
Foundation Grants: -William T. Kemper Foundation, $55,000
Local Government Support: -Douglas County Heritage Fund, $141,000
Program Salaries and Wages: -Ben Ahlvers, Project Director, $75,000 salary, 20% of time, 18 mos., $28,125 -Susan Tate, CEO of Lawrence Arts Center, $90,000, 10% of time, 18 mos., $13,500
Administrative Salaries and Wages: -Stacy Galloway Haywood, COO of Lawrence Arts Center, $75,000, 10% of time, 18 mos., $11,250 -Administrative Assistant, $60,000, 10% of time, 18 mos., $9,000
Consultant/Contract Services: -Josh Shelton, Eldorado Architects, $50,000 -Shane Lopez, Gallup, $10,000
Academic Consultants: Kelly Kindscher, Professor of Environmental Science at the University of Kansas, $3,000 and Bill Tuttle, Professor Emeritus of American History at the University of Kansas, $3,000 -The University of Kansas’s School of
Architecture and Urban Planning, $20,000
Administrative Expenses:
Administrative costs for administering grant funds, organizing and supervising the project, recording and reporting on grant metrics, etc., $5,000
Travel: -Travel for non-local artists, including R. Luke Dubois, Sans Façon, and Urban Rain|Design, $12,000 -Supplies and materials for permanent and ephemeral public art works along Free State Boulevard, including a pending William T. Kemper Foundation grant for outdoor media technology ($55,000), private sponsorships of public art works from Landmark Development and First Management/Construction ($25,000), and corporate sponsorship from Sprint ($15,000), $295,000
Rent: -Artists’ studio space on Free State Boulevard, Landmark Development, $54,000
Artist Fees: -Fees for local and non-local artists, including private sponsorships of public art works from Debbie and Rocco Landesman ($25,000), corporate sponsorships from Landmark Development and First Management/Construction
($100,000), and a Douglas County Community Foundation grant ($50,000), $175,000
Other Professional Fees: Technical and construction/installation fees, $50,000
Printing and Publications: Printing for marketing materials, programs, mailings, etc., $10,625
Postage and Shipping: Postage for marketing promotions, $8,000
Marketing: Callahan Creek, in-kind donation of marketing design for Cultural District, $50,000
Capital Expenses:
-The City of Lawrence is committed to renovating 9th Street to make it a Complete Street if the Lawrence Arts Center receives ArtPlace funding, $3,134,700
-The City of Lawrence has applied to the Douglas County Heritage Fund for support for historical markers along Free State Boulevard, $141,000